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RealityGone Perth Australia
12-Mar-13 21:26
Regarding your javascript text encryption; The TEA block cipher is not secure. It can be broken using a related key attack. (See Also, your guestbook has the word "Country" mispelled...

Zonia Kamloops Canada
21-Jan-12 22:57
Greetings! Just to let you know that there are a few errors to be corrected on the Ukrainian Keyboard CALENDAR: (I must apologize for the transliteration, as your Ukrainian font has NO INSTRUCTIONS on \"How to switch/shift from English to Ukrainian and Ukrainian back to English\".) 1) The month of August should be \"serpen\'\"in Ukrainian and not \"Avhust\". (\"Avhust\" is in Russian, and not in Ukrainian.) 2) The month of September should be \"veresen\'\" and not \"Beresen\'\". 3) ALL FIRST LETTERS in the Ukrainian calendar months & days of the week are LOWER CASE (not upper case). (The same is true in the French language.) I hope this helps clarify things. Please feel free to contact me if you need to. Sincerely, Zonia ;)

25-Nov-11 05:29
thanks for sharing

SoniaLondon london london
17-Nov-11 05:41
I like your guestbook. Thanks for sharing.

abayazid yassine maroc l3robiya2008
10-Aug-11 10:20
slt les tout

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